Routine Services & Fluids

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Services offered by Big O Tires

Brake Fluid Exchange

Changing your brake fluid keeps your braking system strong and helps to extend the life of your entire brake system. Service includes draining old fluids, replacing with new brake fluid and safe disposal of old fluids.

Differential Fluid Exchange

Removing old differential fluid and replacing it with new takes the moisture and dirt out of your system and helps extend the performance of your vehicle. Service includes draining and replacing fluid, and safe disposal of old fluid.

Cooling System Flush & Fill

Coolant exchange makes sure your coolant can do its job keeping the engine cool. Let the pros at Big O Tires clean your system and refill it for you. Service includes draining coolant and refilling with up to 2 gallons of new fluid.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

An Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) exchange protects your transmission from wear, helps prevent the need for repairs and keeps you shifting smoothly down the road. Service includes removal and safe disposal of old fluids, and new fluid replacement.

Fuel System Cleaning

Over time, deposits build up and can negatively affect the performance of your engine – making your car run harder and use more fuel. Service includes adding a cleaner to your fuel system, another to your warm engine and a third to your air-intake.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Like all the fluids, power steering fluid ages with heat and time. Check the maker’s recommendation for how often your car or truck needs this service. Service includes draining and replacing fluid and safe disposal of old fluid.

Wiper Blades

With age and use, blades get stiff and cracked and can leave streaks behind. When this happens, it’s hard to see clearly—and it’s time to replace your windshield wipers. Service includes removal of old wiper blades, and installation of new blades.

Belt Replacement

Like tires and fluids, belts wear out from use, age and heat. Don’t wait for your belts to break. Come in to Big O Tires, and let us help you. Service includes inspection of drive belts and replacement as necessary.

Radiator & Coolant Hoses

With time and use, hoses become brittle and weak. Don’t wait for a failed radiator or coolant hose to leave you stranded. Come in to Big O Tires today for an inspection! Service includes inspection and replacement as necessary.

Headlights & Taillights

Do you know what all those lights are for? You don’t have to. Big O Tires is here to help. Come in, and we’ll inspect all of your vehicle’s lights and replace where necessary. Service includes inspection of all lights and replacement as necessary.

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