BOT FranchiseeBig O Tires is absolutely committed to the success of your franchise.

From start-up training to equipment programs to technology services, Big O Tires empowers you with services and programs that form the backbone of your business. It starts from day one: we understand that franchisees come to Big O Tires with different levels of business expertise. That's why we provide the most comprehensive training program in the tire business. Experience the best start-up program in the business at Big O's training center in the Denver, Colorado area with 8 weeks of in-house training and field training. You’ll start at Big O University in the Denver, Colorado area, where you'll learn about Big O product lines, store staffing, management, accounting, advertising and all of the business skills and programs necessary to operate a Big O Tires franchise.

Once you're up and running, Big O Tires keeps the support coming. We'll provide technology tools including a computerized point-of-sale system, customer relationship management software, and an extranet portal that gives you access to information and allows you to place product orders. You'll have access to our Franchise Business Consultants, a team of experienced industry professionals who routinely visit stores and are available for consultation. Running a business is like taking a long road trip – the Big O Tires team will be with you every mile of the journey.

Monthly Regional Committee Meetings

Regional management meets with each franchisee group to hear from local franchisees and to discuss relevant issues. Each store gets an equal vote in any decisions that are made by local franchisee group.

Franchise Advisory Council (FAC)

Two times a year, elected representatives from your local franchisee group attend a forum to exchange ideas, learn new skills and discuss important aspects of the business. You’ll be kept current on all Big O events, new products, pricing, advertising and other franchisee ownership issues, as well as industry trends.

TBC Retail Business Conference

Every other year, the TBC Retail Business Conference brings Big O Tires franchisees together with the other members of the TBC Retail Group - Tire Kingdom, Merchant's and NTB – to share knowledge, build strong relationships and get in sync with strategy. The conference is held in a different city each year, and all Big O Tires franchisees are invited and encouraged to attend. New strategies and programs for the year are presented, and forums are held to discuss local, regional and national issues. Informational seminars cover areas such as training, finance issues and merchandising.



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