Q: How do I open a local fleet account?

A: Simply visit your local Big O Tires and request a credit card or house account application.

Q: What is the minimum number of vehicles required to be considered for Big O Tires fleet management?

A: Big O Tires supports both small and large fleet operations. If you’re just starting your business with one company vehicle, that’s fine with us. We look forward to growing with our small business partners.

Q: Does Big O offer a discount to local fleets?

A: Yes, the Big O Tires local fleet discount is off everyday low retail pricing good for all tires and service purchases.

Q: Do all Big O stores provide local fleet services?

A: The majority of our stores do offer fleet services, but check with your local Big O Tires first to ensure they are a participating dealer.

Note: Each Big O Tires franchise location is independently owned and operated.